The Marke Lifestyle Shoot

I had the pleasure of being brought on to an amazing team of people working for on a lifestyle lookbook for an upcoming California development called The Marke. I love days that I get to spend with other like mind creative people who are all excited to be working on a great project together. Sometimes I forget that I’m in a “creative field” but when I get to surround myself with amazing models, stylists, art directors and so forth I can’t help but feel inspired! Here are a couple of my favorite photos from our shoot showcasing the day in a life of some pretty rad people.

copywrite whitney krutzfeldt PhotographyWhitney Krutzfeldt Photography-9copywrite whitney krutzfeldt PhotographyWhitney Krutzfeldt Photography-21Whitney Krutzfeldt Photography-25

copywrite whitney krutzfeldt PhotographyWhitney Krutzfeldt Photography-29Whitney Krutzfeldt Photography-43Whitney Krutzfeldt Photography-38
copywrite whitney krutzfeldt Photography
Whitney Krutzfeldt Photography-73Whitney Krutzfeldt Photography-52 Whitney Krutzfeldt Photography-50

copywrite whitney krutzfeldt PhotographyWhitney Krutzfeldt Photography-53Whitney Krutzfeldt Photography-59

Whitney Krutzfeldt Photography-68Whitney Krutzfeldt Photography-94Whitney Krutzfeldt Photography-96Whitney Krutzfeldt Photography-75 Whitney Krutzfeldt Photography-81Whitney Krutzfeldt Photography-82Whitney Krutzfeldt Photography-89Whitney Krutzfeldt Photography-91Whitney Krutzfeldt Photography-70Whitney Krutzfeldt Photography-98Whitney Krutzfeldt Photography-99Whitney Krutzfeldt Photography-102Whitney Krutzfeldt Photography-78Whitney Krutzfeldt Photography-85

Stylist/Hair/MUA: Redia Soltis

Creative Director(s): Matthew O’Brien/Redia Soltis

Models: Caine Heintzman/Chelsea Ghini/Bryan Hughes/Arti Naidu

Wardrobe: Gravity Pope

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